Release v1.1.0

RELEASE DATE: 17-03-2023

Released improvements for trading as a maker on the exchange.

REST API Changelog

POST /orders

  • Orders can only be submitted with the use of an API key now.
  • New post_only field, which guarantees that a submitted order would be a maker order, or be rejected if not.

GET /mmp

  • New triggered field, which is true when the account goes under MMP.
  • New amount_change field returns the amount of contracts filled under the current interval.
  • New delta_limit field for the delta limit MMP setting.
  • Renamed amount to amount_limit for clarity.

POST /mmp

  • Renamed amount to amount_limit.
  • New delta_limit field which allows makers to set the maximum change in absolute delta in an interval. It is an unsigned float.

Other MMP changes

  • MMP (either with amount_limit or delta_limit) is only triggered by orders created with the post_only setting.

POST /api-key

  • API key creation can be done programmatically now.
  • You can whitelist a list of IP addresses (ip_addresses) that can use the API key.
  • You can assign read_only permission to an API key.

DELETE /api-key

  • API keys can be deleted with the use of another API key.

Websocket API Changelog


  • Renamed greeks object to option
  • Removed gamma from the option object
  • Added strike to the option object
  • Added option_type to the option object
  • Added expiry to the option object
  • Added asset to the position object
  • Added side to the position object
  • Added avg_entry_price to the position object
  • Added unrealized_pnl to the position object
  • Added maintenance_margin to the position object