Release v1.1.10

This introduces breaking changes around limit and start_time.

Release v1.1.9

Introduces weighted rate limits on REST endpoints. For now weights have 2 tiers (2 and 5) and the weights for each endpoint are described below.

Release v1.1.8

Introduces pagination on all history endpoints. In the previous version, history endpoints returns an array of history objects. In the current version, the response has been updated to include a count field along with the array of history objects. The history object fields for each endpoints remain the same.

Release v1.1.7

TO BE RELEASED: 29-07-2023

Release v1.1.6

RELEASED: 14-07-2023

Release v1.1.5

RELEASE DATE: 22-06-2023

Release v1.1.4

RELEASE DATE: 06-06-2023

Release v1.1.2

RELEASE DATE: 25-04-2023

Release v1.1.1

RELEASE DATE: 19-04-2023

Release v1.1.0

RELEASE DATE: 17-03-2023