Release v1.1.1

RELEASE DATE: 19-04-2023

Added additional information for orders.


  • Improved websocket stability.

REST API Changelog


  • trade_id field now shows a unique ID instead of order ID. Length of trade_id is fixed at 44 characters. Eg. DwmDn5XnEyiqx5AB5CM4W8bgD137ASX4Lz1XWBWDYHn8
  • Added field order_id to show the corresponding order for the trade
  • If you are on the taker side of the trade, your trade will no longer be aggregated. Eg. if your order matches with 3 open orders on the book, your trade history will show 3 new trades, instead of a single aggregated trade.
  • Changed amount for settlement to be an unsigned float string.


  • Added the total_volume field, which is the total volume in USDC traded for the instrument.

Websocket changelog

SUBSCRIBE orderbook

  • Order IV is added to the array.
  • An order on the orderbook would look like this: [["1", "10", "0.85"]].


  • Added trade_id field to identify the trade.
  • Fixed the fee field to be a float string, instead of an integer.


  • Added timestamp field for create and cancel orders.
  • Added the system_type field, which is either API or WEB.
  • Added the expiry, strike and option_type field