Cancel on Disconnect

The Cancel on Disconnect feature can be enabled for an account using the POST /account/cancel-on-disconnect endpoint. The status for Cancel on Disconnect can be checked on GET /account/cancel-on-disconnect.

When enabled, CoD automatically cancels all orders that are made with a websocket connection that is closed. This means if an account has multiple websocket connections, and only 1 connection is closed, only the orders that are created from the closed connection are cancelled.

Below is an example of how CoD works:

  1. Account enables Cancel on Disconnect.
  2. Account opens 2 websocket connection to Aevo. Connection 1 and Connection 2.
  3. Account creates orders using Connection 1.
  4. Connection 1 is closed, all orders created with Connection 1 are cancelled. Any orders made with Connection 2 are not cancelled.