SUB wss://

Returns matched order details.


op string required
Operation code allowed values: subscribe unsubscribe
data array of strings required
Channel name in the format trades:ASSET or trades:INSTRUMENT_NAME. Eg. trades:ETH or trades:ETH-31MAR23-1350-C
  • ASSET allowed values: ETH
	"data": ["trades:ETH-31MAR23-1350-C"]


channel string required
Channel name in the format index:ASSET. Eg. index:ETH
data.trade_id string required
Trade transaction hash. Eg. 0x17897e438f15c459a3a4ed44687dc7f0c4c678b2b005ea87bbae35346f279f02
data.instrument_id string required
Instrument ID number. Eg. 12
data.instrument_name string required
Instrument name. Eg. ETH-24DEC22-1250-C
data.instrument_type string required
Type of instrument. Allowed values: OPTION PERPETUAL
data.side object required
Trade side. Allowed values: buy sell
data.price object required
Price in USD. Eg. 12.23
data.amount string
Amount of contracts. Eg. 10.4
data.created_timestamp string required
Timestamp in UNIX timestamp in nanoseconds. Eg. 1680249600000000000
    "channel": "trades:ETH-20JAN23-1200-P",
    "data": {
        "trade_id": "0x17897e438f15c459a3a4ed44687dc7f0c4c678b2b005ea87bbae35346f279f02",
        "instrument_id": 830,
        "instrument_name": "ETH-20JAN23-1200-P",
        "instrument_type": "OPTION",
        "side": "sell",
        "price": "0.58",
        "amount": "1",
        "created_ttimestamp": "1674118637229190091",