SUB wss://

Returns fills when orders are filled.


op string required
Operation code allowed values: subscribe unsubscribe
data array of strings required
Channel name: fills
	"data": ["fills"]


channel string required
Channel name: fills
data.timestamp string required
Update timestamp in UNIX timestamp in nanoseconds. Eg. 1680249600000000000
data.fill object required
Fill updates in Fill object format.
trade_id string required
Unique ID of the trade. Eg. DwmDn5XnEyiqx5AB5CM4W8bgD137ASX4Lz1XWBYqvpX2
order_id string required
Order ID. Eg. 0x4c43e0ab72a4edb72dfe4b129148899815d816837b9a7e22d964b884834639f8
instrument_id string required
Instrument ID number. Eg. 12
instrument_name string required
Instrument name. Eg. ETH-24DEC22-1250-C
instrument_type string required
Type of instrument. Allowed values: OPTION PERPETUAL
price string required
Price in USD. Eg. 12.23
side string required
Trade side. Allowed values: buy sell
fees string required
Fees in USD. Eg. 12.23
filled string required
Amount filled. Eg. 10.4
order_status string required
Order status. Allowed values: partial filled
liquidity string required
Liquidity side. Allowed values: taker maker
created_timestamp string required
Created timestamp in UNIX timestamp in nanoseconds. Eg. 1680249600000000000
system_type string required
Order's system type. Eg. WEB or API
	"channel": "fills",
	"data": {
		"timestamp": "1673671845685460000",
		"fill": {
				"trade_id": "DwmDn5XnEyiqx5AB5CM4W8bgD137ASX4Lz1XWBYqvpX2",
				"order_id": "0xbc39f8c0dd85c0f7059124b2d2c6c2ec87f4a0e748ae21c66e98fbfa1974981e",
				"instrument_id": "8",
				"instrument_name": "ETH-14JAN23-1500-P",
				"instrument_type": "OPTION",
				"price": "12.23",
				"side": "sell",
				"fees": "0.23",	
				"filled": "3",
				"order_status": "partial",
				"liquidity": "taker",
				"created_timestamp": "1673671845684502000"