ACCOUNT_ALREADY_CREDITEDThe account has already been credited.
ACCOUNT_ALREADY_EXISTSThe account already exists.
ACCOUNT_ALREADY_REFERREDThe account has already been referred.
ACCOUNT_CLAIMED_REFERRAL_REWARDSThe account has already claimed referral rewards.
ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe specified account does not exist.
ACCOUNT_EMAIL_PREFERENCE_FALSEThe email preference for the account is set to false.
ACCOUNT_EMAIL_VERIFIED_FALSEThe account's email address has not been verified.
ACCOUNT_EXISTSThe account already exists.
ACCOUNT_INVALID_IP_ADDRESSThe IP address is invalid.
ACCOUNT_INVALID_SIGNING_KEYThe signing key is invalid.
ACCOUNT_LIQUIDATIONThe account is currently under liquidation.
ACCOUNT_MMP_NOT_TRIGGEREDThe Market Maker Protection (MMP) has not been triggered for this account.
ACCOUNT_MMP_PROTECTEDThe account is protected under Market Maker Protection (MMP).
ACCOUNT_NOT_IN_GROUPThe account is not in the specified group.
ACCOUNT_NOT_IN_LIQUIDATIONThe specified account is not in liquidation.
ACCOUNT_NOT_ISOLATEDThe account is not marked as isolated but was expected to be.
ACCOUNT_NOT_REFERREDThe account has not been referred.
ACCOUNT_NO_EMAIL_ADDRESSNo email address is associated with the account.
ACCOUNT_POSITION_LIQUIDATIONThe account's position is currently under liquidation.
ACCOUNT_RESEND_EMAIL_TOO_EARLYIt is too early to resend the verification email for the account.
ACCOUNT_TYPE_INVALIDThe account type specified is invalid.
AMOUNT_STEP_SIZE_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe amount step size is not within the acceptable range.
API_KEY_EXISTSThe API key already exists.
API_KEY_READ_ONLYThe API key has read-only permissions.
ASSET_NOT_PRELAUNCHThe asset is not in prelaunch.
BAD_REQUESTThe request is malformed or invalid.
BELOW_MIN_IVThe implied volatility (IV) is below the minimum threshold.
BELOW_MIN_ORDER_VALUEThe order value is below the minimum allowed value.
BLOCK_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe block does not exist.
BLOCK_EXISTSThe block already exists.
BLOCK_INVALID_HASHThe block hash is invalid.
BLOCK_INVALID_IDThe block ID is invalid.
BLOCK_INVALID_MAKERThe block maker is invalid.
BLOCK_INVALID_PROTOThe block protocol is invalid.
BLOCK_INVALID_SYSTEM_TIMESTAMPThe system timestamp of the block is invalid.
BLOCK_PENDING_CANCELThe block cancellation is pending.
BLOCK_PENDING_CREATEThe block creation is pending.
CANCEL_ORDER_EXISTS_IN_MATCH_ORDERA cancel order exists in the match order.
CANNOT_DECREASE_LEVERAGECannot decrease the leverage below the current level.
CAP_REACHEDThe cap has been reached.
CHANNEL_NOT_FOUNDThe requested WebSocket channel was not found.
CHARGE_FUNDING_PENDINGCharging for funding is pending.
CHARGE_FUNDING_PRELAUNCHCharging of funding prelaunch is not allowed.
CLAIM_REFERRAL_NO_SEQ_NONo sequence number was provided for the referral claim.
CLICKHOUSE_QUERY_FAILEDThe query to ClickHouse failed.
CLOSE_POSITION_ORDER_EXISTSAn order to close the position already exists.
COLLATERAL_EXISTSThe specified collateral already exists.
COLLATERAL_FACTOR_GREATER_THAN_1The collateral factor is greater than 1, exceeding the maximum allowable ratio.
COLLATERAL_FACTOR_NEGATIVEThe collateral factor is negative, which is not allowed.
CONFIG_NOT_SETThe required configuration has not been set.
DUPLICATED_INSTRUMENTSDuplicated instruments are detected.
DUPLICATE_USER_STRATEGY_CONFIRMATIONSDuplicate confirmations for a user strategy.
DURATION_TOO_LONGThe duration is too long.
EDIT_ORDER_CANNOT_BE_MARKET_ORDERAn edit to an order cannot convert it to a market order.
EDIT_ORDER_CANNOT_CHANGE_DIRECTIONCannot change the direction of the order during an edit.
EDIT_ORDER_DIFFERENT_INSTRUMENTThe edited order cannot change its instrument.
EDIT_ORDER_SAME_IDThe edited order has the same order ID as the original.
EMPTY_BASE_CURRENCYThe base currency field is empty.
EMPTY_BLOCKThe block is empty.
EMPTY_QUOTE_CURRENCYThe quote currency field is empty.
EMPTY_QUOTE_LEGSThe quote has no legs.
EMPTY_STRATEGY_NAMEThe strategy name is empty.
EMPTY_TICKER_NAMEThe ticker name field is empty.
EMPTY_VENUE_NAMEThe venue name field is empty.
EPOCH_HAS_NOT_PASSEDThe epoch has not passed yet.
EPOCH_ZEROThe epoch value is zero.
ERR_ACCEPT_ACCOUNT_WITHDRAWError occurred while accepting account withdrawal.
ERR_ACCOUNT_WITHDRAWError occurred during account withdrawal.
ERR_CLAIM_REFERRAL_NO_REWARDSNo rewards are available for the referral claim.
ERR_CLAIM_REFERRAL_REWARDError occurred while claiming referral rewards.
ERR_CLAIM_REFERRAL_TRANSFERError occurred during referral reward transfer.
EVENT_NOT_IN_QUEUEThe event is not in the queue.
EVENT_TOO_LARGEThe event size exceeds the maximum allowable limit.
EXCEEDS_MAX_NOTIONALThe order exceeds the maximum notional risk limit.
EXCEED_MAX_IVThe implied volatility (IV) exceeds the maximum threshold.
EXCEED_MAX_ORDER_VALUEThe order value exceeds the maximum allowed value.
EXCEED_ORDER_PRICE_BANDThe order price exceeds the allowable band or limit.
EXCEED_TRADE_PRICE_BANDThe trade price exceeds the allowable band or limit.
EXISTING_SPOT_ORDERAn existing spot order already exists.
EXPIRE_MAKERThe stop protection expired for the maker.
EXPIRE_TAKERThe stop protection expired for the taker.
EXTERNAL_INVALID_INSTRUMENTThe instrument specified in the external order is invalid.
EXTERNAL_LIQUIDATION_ORDERAn external order for liquidation has been placed.
FAIR_IMPACT_TOLERANCE_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe fair impact tolerance is not within the acceptable range.
FEED_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe specified feed does not exist.
FILE_NOT_ATTACHEDNo file is attached.
FORCE_CANCELThe order was force canceled.
FULL_CLOSE_POSITION_CANNOT_BE_PARTIALA full close position cannot be partial.
FULL_SIZE_ONLYOnly full size is allowed.
FULL_SIZE_ZEROThe full size is zero.
FUNDING_ALREADY_ENABLEDFunding is already enabled.
FUNDING_DISABLEDFunding is disabled.
FUNDING_RATE_EMPTYThe funding rate data is empty.
GLOBAL_INSTRUMENT_CONFIG_EMPTYThe global instrument configuration is empty.
GROUP_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe specified group does not exist.
GTC_ORDER_REJECTEDThe Good-Til-Canceled (GTC) order was rejected.
HIDDEN_OPTION_EXISTSA hidden option already exists.
INDEX_EMPTYThe index is empty.
INDEX_NOT_READYThe index is not ready.
INDEX_NO_SOURCENo source is available for the index price.
INDEX_PRICE_ZEROThe index price is zero.
INITIAL_MARGIN_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe initial margin is not within the acceptable range.
INSTRUMENT_ALREADY_ACTIVEThe instrument is already active.
INSTRUMENT_ALREADY_PAUSEDThe instrument has already been paused.
INSTRUMENT_CONFIG_EMPTYThe instrument configuration is empty.
INSTRUMENT_CREATE_PENDINGInstrument creation is pending.
INSTRUMENT_DELISTINGThe instrument is being delisted.
INSTRUMENT_EXPIREDThe instrument has expired.
INSTRUMENT_ID_INVALIDThe instrument ID is invalid.
INSTRUMENT_INACTIVEThe instrument is inactive.
INSTRUMENT_INVALIDThe instrument is invalid.
INSTRUMENT_NAME_NONEThe instrument name is not specified.
INSTRUMENT_NOT_DELISTINGThe instrument is not being delisted.
INSTRUMENT_NOT_FOUNDThe specified instrument was not found.
INSTRUMENT_NOT_PAUSEDThe instrument is not paused.
INSTRUMENT_NOT_PERPETUALThe instrument is not a perpetual instrument.
INSTRUMENT_NO_FUNDINGThe instrument has no funding.
INSTRUMENT_OPTION_EXISTSAn instrument option already exists.
INSTRUMENT_PAUSEDThe instrument has been paused.
INSTRUMENT_TYPE_EXISTSThe instrument type already exists.
INSTRUMENT_TYPE_NONEThe instrument type is not specified.
INSUFFICIENT_AVAILABLE_BALANCEThe available balance is insufficient for the requested operation.
INSUFFICIENT_AVAILABLE_MARGINThere is insufficient available margin for the order.
INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEThe balance is insufficient for the requested operation.
INSUFFICIENT_ISOLATED_MARGINThere is insufficient isolated margin for the order.
INSUFFICIENT_MARGINThe margin is insufficient for the requested operation.
INTERNAL_ERRORAn internal error occurred within the server.
INVALID_ACCESS_TOKENThe provided access token is invalid.
INVALID_ACCOUNTThe account specified is invalid.
INVALID_ADDRESSThe address provided is invalid.
INVALID_AMOUNTThe amount specified is invalid.
INVALID_AMOUNT_STEP_SIZEThe amount step size is invalid.
INVALID_ASSETThe asset specified is invalid.
INVALID_BLOCK_NUMBERThe block number specified is invalid.
INVALID_CAPThe cap specified is invalid.
INVALID_CHAIN_IDThe chain ID provided is invalid.
INVALID_CLAIM_REFERRALThe claim referral is invalid.
INVALID_COLLATERALThe collateral specified is invalid.
INVALID_COLLATERAL_CONFIGThe configuration for the collateral is invalid.
INVALID_COLLATERAL_DECIMALSThe decimals for the collateral are invalid.
INVALID_COLLATERAL_FACTORThe collateral factor is invalid.
INVALID_CONFIRMATIONSThe confirmations specified are invalid.
INVALID_COUNTThe count specified is invalid.
INVALID_DIRECTION_REDUCE_ONLYThe direction for the reduce-only order is invalid.
INVALID_EMAIL_AUTH_TOKENThe email authentication token is invalid.
INVALID_EMAIL_TYPEThe email type is invalid.
INVALID_FIX_INDEX_PRICEThe fixed index price is invalid.
INVALID_FIX_MARK_PRICEThe fixed mark price is invalid.
INVALID_GASThe gas value specified is invalid.
INVALID_INSTRUMENTThe instrument specified is invalid.
INVALID_INSURANCE_FUND_MAX_NOTIONALThe maximum notional for the insurance fund is invalid.
INVALID_IPThe IP address is invalid.
INVALID_KEYThe provided key is invalid.
INVALID_LEGThe leg specified is invalid.
INVALID_LEVERAGEThe leverage for the order is invalid.
INVALID_LIMIT_BUY_PRICEThe limit buy price is invalid.
INVALID_LIMIT_SELL_PRICEThe limit sell price is invalid.
INVALID_LOG_INDEXThe log index specified is invalid.
INVALID_MARGINThe margin specified is invalid.
INVALID_MARGIN_TYPEThe margin type specified is invalid.
INVALID_MARKET_ORDERThe market order is invalid.
INVALID_MAX_WITHDRAWThe maximum withdrawal limit is invalid.
INVALID_MESSAGE_FORMATThe WebSocket message format is invalid.
INVALID_OFFSET_NUMBERThe offset number specified is invalid.
INVALID_OPEN_ORDER_PRICEThe open order price is invalid.
INVALID_OPTION_EXPIRYThe option expiry is invalid.
INVALID_OPTION_NAMEThe option name is invalid.
INVALID_ORDERBOOKThe orderbook is invalid.
INVALID_ORDER_PRICEThe price specified in the order is invalid.
INVALID_ORDER_REDUCE_ONLYThe reduce-only order is invalid.
INVALID_ORDER_TIME_IN_FORCEThe time-in-force setting for the order is invalid.
INVALID_PARTIAL_POSITION_CANNOT_BE_LIMIT_ORDERThe partial position order type is invalid.
INVALID_PAUSE_WITHDRAW_TARGETThe target for pause withdrawal is invalid.
INVALID_PERPETUAL_NAMEThe perpetual name is invalid.
INVALID_PREV_BLOCK_NUMBERThe previous block number specified is invalid.
INVALID_PREV_LOG_INDEXThe previous log index specified is invalid.
INVALID_PRICE_STEP_SIZEThe price step size is invalid.
INVALID_RANGEThe specified range is invalid.
INVALID_RATIO_STEP_SIZEThe ratio step size is invalid.
INVALID_RECIPIENT_TOThe recipient address for the withdrawal is invalid.
INVALID_REFEREEThe referee specified is invalid.
INVALID_REFERRAL_CODEThe referral code specified is invalid.
INVALID_REFERRERThe referrer specified is invalid.
INVALID_RESOLUTIONThe provided 'resolution' parameter is invalid.
INVALID_SEQUENCE_NUMBERThe sequence number specified is invalid.
INVALID_SIGNATUREThe provided signature is invalid.
INVALID_SNAPSHOTThe snapshot specified is invalid.
INVALID_SOCKET_CONNECTORThe connector specified for the socket withdrawal is invalid.
INVALID_SOCKET_TOThe destination for the socket withdrawal is invalid.
INVALID_SOCKET_WITHDRAW_PROXYThe proxy specified for socket withdrawal is invalid.
INVALID_SPOTThe spot specified is invalid.
INVALID_SPOT_NAMEThe spot name is invalid.
INVALID_STOP_ORDERThe stop order is invalid.
INVALID_STRATEGY_TARGET_UTILIZATIONThe target utilization for the strategy is invalid.
INVALID_TARGET_UTILIZATIONThe target utilization is invalid.
INVALID_TIMESTAMPThe provided timestamp is invalid.
INVALID_TRANSACTION_INDEXThe transaction index specified is invalid.
INVALID_WITHDRAWThe withdrawal request is invalid.
INVALID_WITHDRAWAL_FEEThe withdrawal fee specified is invalid.
INVALID_WITHDRAW_CAPACITY_SETTINGThe setting for withdraw capacity is invalid.
INVALID_WITHDRAW_COLLATERALThe collateral specified for withdrawal is invalid.
INVALID_WITHDRAW_IDThe withdrawal ID is invalid.
INVALID_WITHDRAW_TOThe destination address for the withdrawal is invalid.
IOC_ORDER_REJECTEDThe Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC) order was rejected. This happens when the order cannot be immediately filled by the orderbook's orders.
LEG_ZERO_RATIOThe leg ratio is zero.
LEVERAGE_IS_ZEROThe leverage setting is zero, which is not allowed.
LEVERAGE_NOT_SETThe leverage has not been set.
LEVERAGE_TOO_HIGHThe leverage for the order is too high.
LIQUIDATION_EXPIREDThe liquidation process has expired.
LIQUIDATION_FEE_CAP_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe liquidation fee cap is not within the acceptable range.
LIQUIDATION_FEE_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe liquidation fee is not within the acceptable range.
LIQUIDATION_MAX_SLIPPAGE_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe maximum slippage allowed during liquidation is not within the acceptable range.
LIQUIDATION_WRONG_SIDEThe liquidation was attempted on the wrong side of the market.
LOADEDThe item has been successfully loaded.
MAINTENANCE_MARGIN_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe maintenance margin is not within the acceptable range.
MAINTENANCE_MODE_DISABLEDThe system is not in maintenance mode.
MAINTENANCE_MODE_ENABLEDThe system is currently in maintenance mode.
MAKER_FEE_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe maker fee is not within the acceptable range.
MAKER_LIQUIDATEDThe maker has been liquidated.
MAKER_ORDER_NOT_FOUNDThe maker order was not found.
MARKET_NOT_READYThe market is not ready.
MARK_EXCEED_SPOTThe mark price exceeds the spot price.
MARK_EXCEED_STRIKEThe mark price exceeds the strike price.
MARK_NOT_READYThe mark price is not ready.
MARK_PRICE_NEGATIVEThe mark price is negative.
MARK_PRICE_ZEROThe mark price is zero.
MAX_AMOUNT_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe maximum amount is not within the acceptable range.
MAX_NOTIONAL_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe maximum notional is not within the acceptable range.
MAX_RATIO_EXCEEDEDThe maximum ratio has been exceeded.
MESSAGE_TOO_LARGEThe WebSocket message is too large.
METHOD_NOT_ALLOWEDThe HTTP method used is not allowed.
MIN_AMOUNT_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe minimum amount is not within the acceptable range.
MISSING_ENDA required 'end' parameter is missing.
MISSING_EXPIRYA required 'expiry' parameter is missing.
MISSING_FROMThe 'from' parameter is missing.
MISSING_LIMITA required 'limit' parameter is missing.
MISSING_NAMEA required 'name' parameter is missing.
MISSING_RESOLUTIONA required 'resolution' parameter is missing.
MISSING_STARTA required 'start' parameter is missing.
MISSING_SYMBOLA required 'symbol' parameter is missing.
MISSING_TOThe 'to' parameter is missing.
MMP_NOT_ENABLEDMarket Maker Protection (MMP) is not enabled for this account.
MORE_THAN_4_PARTIAL_STOP_LOSS_POSITIONSThere are more than four partial stop loss positions, which is not allowed.
MORE_THAN_4_PARTIAL_TAKE_PROFIT_POSITIONSThere are more than four partial take profit positions, which is not allowed.
NEGATIVE_BALANCE_TOPUP_AMOUNT_TOO_HIGHThe top-up amount for a negative balance is too high.
NEGATIVE_INDEXThe index specified is negative.
NEGATIVE_IVThe implied volatility (IV) is negative.
NEGATIVE_VALUEThe value specified is negative.
NOT_ACCOUNTS_DEPOSITThe operation does not apply to accounts' deposits.
NOT_ADMINThe operation requires admin privileges.
NOT_IMPLEMENTEDThe requested feature is not implemented.
NOT_LOADEDThe item has not been loaded.
NOT_SNAPSHOTTERThe operation is not allowed because the user is not a snapshotter.
NO_AVAILABLE_BALANCEThere is no available balance for the order.
NO_COMMITED_DEPOSITS_OR_WITHDRAWALSThere are no committed deposits or withdrawals.
NO_LIQUIDATION_ACCOUNTNo account available for liquidation.
NO_ORDERS_TO_CANCELThere are no orders to cancel.
NO_PENDING_CHARGE_FUNDINGThere is no pending charge for funding.
NO_PENDING_DEPOSITS_OR_WITHDRAWALSThere are no pending deposits or withdrawals.
NO_POSITION_REDUCE_ONLYNo position available to apply the reduce-only order.
OLD_SIGNING_KEYThe signing key is too old.
OLD_WITHDRAWThe withdrawal is too old.
ONCHAIN_QUEUE_CLEAREDThe on-chain queue has been cleared.
OPERATION_NOT_FOUNDThe requested operation could not be found.
ORDERBOOK_EMPTYThe orderbook is empty.
ORDERBOOK_IMAGE_NOT_FOUNDThe orderbook image was not found.
ORDERS_UNKNOWN_MODEThe mode specified for orders is unknown.
ORDERS_UNSIGNED_MODEThe unsigned mode for orders is not allowed.
ORDERS_UNSUPPORTED_MODEThe mode specified for orders is unsupported.
ORDER_ACCEPT_PENDINGThe order acceptance is pending.
ORDER_BAD_SIGNATUREThe order has a bad signature.
ORDER_BAD_SIGNING_KEYThe signing key for the order is bad.
ORDER_CANCELLEDThe order has been cancelled.
ORDER_CANCEL_PENDINGThe order cancellation is pending.
ORDER_CREATE_PENDINGThe order creation is pending.
ORDER_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe order does not exist.
ORDER_EXCEEDS_CAPACITY_OF_REDUCE_ONLYThe order exceeds the capacity allowed for reduce-only orders.
ORDER_EXCEEDS_LEVERAGEThe order exceeds the maximum allowed leverage.
ORDER_EXISTSThe order already exists.
ORDER_EXISTS_MATCHEDThe order has already been matched.
ORDER_EXISTS_PENDINGAn existing order is already pending.
ORDER_EXPIREDThe order has expired.
ORDER_INVALID_AMOUNTThe amount specified in the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_AVERAGE_PRICEThe average price of the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_FILLThe fill of the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_HASHThe hash of the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_IDThe ID of the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_INSTRUMENTThe instrument specified in the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_ISOLATED_MARGINThe isolated margin specified for the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_MAKERThe maker of the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_PRICEThe price specified in the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_SALTThe salt specified in the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_SIGNATUREThe order has an invalid signature.
ORDER_INVALID_SIGNING_KEYThe signing key for the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_STATEThe order is in an invalid state.
ORDER_INVALID_TIMEThe time of the order is invalid.
ORDER_INVALID_TYPEThe type of the order is invalid.
ORDER_ISOLATED_MARGIN_ALREADY_SETThe isolated margin has already been set for this order.
ORDER_ISOLATED_MARGIN_NOT_REDUCE_ONLYIsolated margin orders must be reduce-only but this one is not.
ORDER_ISOLATED_MARGIN_NOT_SUPPORTEDIsolated margin is not supported for this order.
ORDER_ISOLATED_MARGIN_REQUIREDIsolated margin is required for this order.
ORDER_NOT_FOUNDThe order was not found.
ORDER_NOT_MARKETThe order is not a market order but was expected to be.
ORDER_NOT_REDUCE_ONLYThe order is not marked as reduce-only but was expected to be.
ORDER_NO_ORDERBOOKNo orderbook is available for the order.
ORDER_NO_SIGNATUREThe order does not have a signature.
ORDER_TIMED_OUTThe order has timed out.
ORDER_VALUE_EXCEEDS_BALANCEThe order value exceeds the current account balance.
PANICA panic occurred in the server.
PARTIAL_ORDER_AMOUNT_CANNOT_BE_MORE_THAN_ORDER_POSITIONThe partial order amount cannot be more than the order position.
PAUSED_WITHDRAWWithdrawals have been paused.
PENDING_DEPOSIT_NOT_FOUNDThe pending deposit was not found.
PENDING_ISOLATED_MARGINThe isolated margin change is pending.
PENDING_TRANSACTIONThe transaction is pending.
PENDING_WITHDRAW_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe specified pending withdrawal does not exist.
PERPETUAL_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe perpetual does not exist.
PERPETUAL_LAUNCHEDThe perpetual has already been launched.
PORTFOLIO_INITIAL_MARGIN_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe portfolio's initial margin is not within the acceptable range.
PORTFOLIO_MAINTENANCE_MARGIN_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe portfolio's maintenance margin is not within the acceptable range.
POSITION_EXISTSThe position already exists.
PREMIUM_CAP_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe premium cap is not within the acceptable range.
PRICE_BAND_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe price band is not within the acceptable range.
PRICE_STEP_SIZE_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe price step size is not within the acceptable range.
QUOTES_FOR_BLOCK_EXISTQuotes for the block already exist.
QUOTE_BAD_SIGNATUREThe signature on the quote is bad.
QUOTE_CANCEL_PENDINGCancellation of the quote is pending.
QUOTE_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe quote does not exist.
QUOTE_EXISTSThe quote already exists.
QUOTE_INVALID_AMOUNTThe amount specified in the quote is invalid.
QUOTE_INVALID_HASHThe hash of the quote is invalid.
QUOTE_INVALID_LIMIT_PRICEThe limit price of the quote is invalid.
QUOTE_INVALID_MAKERThe maker of the quote is invalid.
QUOTE_INVALID_PROTOThe protocol of the quote is invalid.
QUOTE_INVALID_SALTThe salt for the quote is invalid.
QUOTE_INVALID_SYSTEM_TIMESTAMPThe system timestamp of the quote is invalid.
QUOTE_ISOLATED_NOT_ALLOWEDIsolated quotes are not allowed.
QUOTE_NO_SIGNATURENo signature was provided with the quote.
QUOTE_PENDING_CANCELThe quote is pending cancellation.
QUOTE_PENDING_CREATECreation of the quote is pending.
QUOTE_SIGNATURE_INVALIDThe signature on the quote is invalid.
QUOTE_TIMED_OUTThe quote has timed out.
RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe request has been rate limited.
RATE_LIMIT_TOO_HIGHThe rate limit specified is too high.
REDUCE_ONLY_NO_POSITIONThe reduce-only order has no corresponding position.
REDUCE_ONLY_ORDER_AMOUNT_EXCEEDS_POSITIONThe reduce-only order amount exceeds the available position.
REDUCE_ONLY_ORDER_REJECTEDThe reduce-only order was rejected.
REFERRAL_CLAIM_AMOUNT_INCORRECTThe amount claimed for the referral is incorrect.
REFERRAL_CLAIM_AMOUNT_TOO_HIGHThe amount claimed for the referral is too high.
REFERRAL_CLAIM_FAILEDThe referral claim failed.
REFERRAL_CLAIM_PENDINGThe referral claim is pending.
REFERRAL_FEE_PERCENTAGE_TOO_HIGHThe referral fee percentage is too high.
REFERRER_SAME_AS_REFEREEThe referrer cannot be the same as the referee.
RFQ_BLOCK_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe RFQ block does not exist.
RFQ_BLOCK_ID_EXISTSThe RFQ block ID already exists.
RISK_INVALID_ORDERThe order is invalid based on risk assessment.
SEQUENCE_NUMBER_TOO_HIGHThe sequence number specified is too high.
SERVICE_NOT_FOUNDThe requested service was not found.
SETTLEMENT_NOT_EXPIREDSettlement cannot proceed because the instrument has not expired.
SETTLEMENT_PENDINGSettlement is pending.
SETTLEMENT_PRICE_ALREADY_SETThe settlement price has already been set.
SETTLEMENT_PRICE_ZEROThe settlement price is zero.
SET_REFERRAL_REWARD_INVALID_EVENT_TYPEThe event type for setting the referral reward is invalid.
SIGNING_KEY_ALREADY_REGISTEREDThe signing key is already registered.
SIGNING_KEY_EXISTSThe signing key already exists.
SIGNING_KEY_INVALID_ACCOUNTThe account specified for the signing key is invalid.
SIGNING_KEY_INVALID_AMOUNTThe amount specified for the signing key is invalid.
SIGNING_KEY_NO_SIGNATUREThe signing key action lacks a required signature.
SIZE_ZEROThe size is zero.
SNAPSHOT_EMPTYThe snapshot is empty.
SNAPSHOT_NOT_FOUNDThe requested snapshot was not found.
SPOT_INVALID_AMOUNTSThe amounts specified for the spot transaction are invalid.
SPOT_INVALID_BASE_AMOUNTThe base amount specified for the spot transaction is invalid.
SPOT_INVALID_COLLATERALThe collateral specified for the spot transaction is invalid.
SPOT_INVALID_INSTRUMENTThe instrument specified for the spot transaction is invalid.
SPOT_INVALID_PRICEThe price specified for the spot transaction is invalid.
SPOT_NOT_SUPPORTEDSpot transactions are not supported.
SPOT_NO_BASE_BALANCEThere is no base balance available for the spot transaction.
SPOT_NO_BASE_CAPACITYThere is no base capacity available for the spot transaction.
SPOT_NO_QUOTE_BALANCEThere is no quote balance available for the spot transaction.
SPOT_NO_QUOTE_CAPACITYThere is no quote capacity available for the spot transaction.
STABLE_ALREADY_EXISTThe stable already exists.
STABLE_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe stable does not exist.
STALE_DATAThe data is outdated.
START_TIME_LESS_THAN_30_DAYSThe 'start' time is less than 30 days from now.
STRATEGY_HAS_UNPROCESSEDThe strategy has unprocessed items.
TAKER_FEE_NOT_WITHIN_RANGEThe taker fee is not within the acceptable range.
TARGET_UTILIZATION_UNAPPLICABLETarget utilization is unapplicable.
TIMED_OUTThe operation timed out.
TIMESTAMP_MISSINGThe timestamp is missing.
TIMESTAMP_OUT_OF_DATEThe provided timestamp is out of date.
TIMESTAMP_TOO_OLDThe timestamp is too old.
TOO_MANY_BLOCKSThere are too many blocks.
TOO_MANY_CHANNELSToo many WebSocket channels are open.
TOO_MANY_LEGSThere are too many legs in the transaction.
TOO_MANY_PENDING_ORDERSThere are too many pending orders.
TOO_MANY_PINGSToo many ping requests have been sent.
TRADING_NOT_PAUSEDTrading is not paused.
TRADING_PAUSEDTrading has been paused.
TRANSACTIONS_QUEUE_CLEAREDThe transactions queue has been cleared.
TRANSACTIONS_QUEUE_NOT_CLEAREDThe transactions queue has not been cleared.
TRANSFER_INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEInsufficient balance for the transfer.
TRANSFER_INVALID_AMOUNTThe amount specified for the transfer is invalid.
TRANSFER_INVALID_COLLATERALThe collateral specified for the transfer is invalid.
TRANSFER_INVALID_CREDITThe credit specified for the transfer is invalid.
TRANSFER_INVALID_HASHThe hash of the transfer is invalid.
TRANSFER_INVALID_LABELThe label specified for the transfer is invalid.
TRANSFER_INVALID_PROTOThe protocol specified for the transfer is invalid.
TRANSFER_INVALID_SALTThe salt value specified for the transfer is invalid.
TRANSFER_INVALID_TOThe destination address for the transfer is invalid.
TRANSFER_NO_ACCOUNTNo account specified for the transfer.
TRANSFER_NO_COLLATERALNo collateral specified for the transfer.
TRANSFER_NO_SIGNATUREThe transfer lacks a required signature.
TRANSFER_NO_TONo destination specified for the transfer.
TRANSFER_PROCESSEDThe transfer has already been processed.
TRANSFER_UNSUPPORTED_CREDITThe credit type specified is not supported.
UNAUTHORIZEDThe user does not have permission to perform the requested operation.
UNKNOWNAn unexpected error occurred.
UNSUPPORTED_CONFIG_FIELDThe configuration field specified is unsupported.
UPDATE_MARGIN_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe request to update margin does not correspond to an existing order.
USERNAME_ALREADY_USEDThe username is already in use.
USERNAME_EMPTY_STRINGThe username is an empty string.
USERNAME_HAS_SPACESThe username contains spaces, which are not allowed.
WITHDRAWAL_PROCESSEDThe withdrawal has already been processed.
WITHDRAW_CAPACITY_EXCEEDEDThe withdrawal capacity has been exceeded.
WITHDRAW_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe specified withdrawal does not exist.
WITHDRAW_EXISTSThe withdrawal already exists.
WITHDRAW_INVALID_AMOUNTThe amount specified for withdrawal is invalid.
WITHDRAW_INVALID_FEEThe fee specified for the withdrawal is invalid.
WITHDRAW_INVALID_GAS_LIMITThe gas limit specified for the withdrawal is invalid.
WITHDRAW_INVALID_HASHThe hash of the withdrawal request is invalid.
WITHDRAW_INVALID_INSUFFICIENT_BALANCEInsufficient balance to complete the withdrawal.
WITHDRAW_LIMIT_REACHEDThe limit for withdrawals has been reached.
WITHDRAW_NO_ACCOUNTNo account specified for the withdrawal.
WITHDRAW_NO_COLLATERALNo collateral specified for the withdrawal.
WITHDRAW_NO_SIGNATUREThe withdrawal request lacks a required signature.
WITHDRAW_NO_TONo destination specified for the withdrawal.
WRONG_GROUP_TO_REMOVEThe wrong group was specified for removal.
YIELD_VAULT_EXCEEDS_CAPACITYThe yield vault exceeds its capacity.
YIELD_VAULT_NIL_VALUEA nil value was specified for the yield vault.
YIELD_VAULT_OWNER_RECEIVER_MISMATCHThe owner and receiver specified do not match for the yield vault.
YIELD_VAULT_PAUSEDThe yield vault is paused.
ZERO_FORWARD_PRICEThe forward price is zero.
ZERO_IVThe implied volatility (IV) is zero.